Mark Miller’s New Book: Chess Not Checkers

I’m excited about the release of Mark Miller’s new book, “Chess Not Checkers”, this week. As the VP of Leadership Development for Chick-Fil-A, Mark knows what it means to be build a high performance organization.

“Chess Not Checkers” is designed to help leaders elevate their game by taking a look at four key leadership principles:

  1. Bet on Leadership – the best organizations have leaders that set the pace and build a bench of emerging leaders
  2. Act as One – a unified group can achieve truly amazing results because teams exist to accomplish a mission that individuals never could
  3. Win the Heart – only a fully engaged workforce allows an organization to begin to approach their full potential
  4. Excel at Execution – the ability to execute and deliver sets high performance organizations apart from their competition

I believe practicing the principles from this book can help you build a high performance organization. Happy reading!


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