Faith Is Our Victory

Gideon is an unlikely hero that God transforms from a fearful coward to a fearless “mighty man of valor.” He shows us that through our faith comes victory.

The reality is that we will either be overcome because of our fear OR over-comers because of our faith. In Judges 7, we learn that God loves to work in the realm of the impossible. God will often put us in impossible situations where our only option is to trust God to work things out. In Gideon’s victory over the Midianites we discover three principles about faith that can help us become over-comers.

1. God will STRETCH our faith 

God intentionally weakened Gideon’s army to drive him to dependance. God will often weaken us to drive us to depend on Him! It is in our weakness that Jesus’ power is put on display. Weakness causes us to lean into Jesus. When we lean into Jesus and depend on Him, we discover that He is always faithful. We will never know God is all we need until God is all we have!

2. God will DEVELOP our faith

Gideon is still afraid so God reassures him of His promises. But God also tells him to take a step of faith. And that’s how faith actually works: God reveals a little, you take a step. God reveals a little more, you take another step. God doesn’t always answer all of our questions but He does develop our faith by calling us to take the next step then revealing more as we go along. Ultimately, our faith is developed by taking steps of faith. 

3. God will HONOR our faith

Gideon’s come a long way from hiding in a winepress in fear to confidently leading an army of 300 men against over 100,000 troops. He now knows that by faith that God will give him victory! And that’s exactly what God does. Gideon’s plan sends the Midianites into chaos and confusion resulting in them attacking and killing each other. Gideon’s faith in God leads to victory…all without a single Israelite casualty.  

I would love to end Gideon’s story with his victory but unfortunately that’s not how it ends. You’ll have to tune in next week to discover what happens in Gideon’s life. But I’ll give you a hint…Gideon stops walking in weakness and allowing God to be his strength. 


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