leading on empty

Leading on Empty

I recently finished reading “Leading on Empty” by Wayne Corderio. This book is a must read for every leader! Using his personal journey through battling burnout & depression to give an insightful and honest look at how to deal with the pressures of leadership.

Here are some of the key takeaways that have impacted me:

  1. “Solitude is a chosen separation for refining your soul. Isolation is what you crave when you neglect the first.”  There is a big difference between solitude & isolation. Getting away from people through isolation doesn’t recharge our soul, it continues to drain you. Solitude is the intentional pulling away from the crowds for renewal and recharging. If I’m not intentional with building solitude into the normal rhythm of my life, I will seek isolation and end up more depleted in the long run.
  2. Do the 5% that only I can do, delegate the rest. It’s the crucial 5% that God will hold me accountable for. Delegate the 85% that anyone can do, train someone for the 10%, and focus your energy and effort on the 5%.
  3. Your day doesn’t start when you get up, it starts when you go to sleep. Rest begins your new day, not coffee. As a night owl, this is challenging.
  4. To maintain health and avoid leading on empty, you must establish normal rhythms in life. Here is the rhythm I strive for: Daily connect with God, Weekly Sabbath for rest, Monthly 1 day retreat, and Yearly overnight retreat.

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