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Heart of Jesus’ Mission: Make Disciples Who Make Other Disciples

The heart of Jesus’ commission to His followers was to go and make disciples who make other disciples. We recently concluded a series at our church called The Mission: What Jesus Calls Us To Do. Throughout the series, we’ve seen how Jesus transformed a rag-tag group of renegades into fully trained disciple-makers.

Jesus exemplified the process of disciple-making through his intentional invitations that encouraged individuals to deepen their commitment and ultimately multiply the Kingdom of God.

Jesus made disciples who would make disciples using 4 INVITATIONS:  1) Come & See, 2) Commit to Follow Me, 3) Be on Mission With Me, 4) Bear Fruit Through Me.

Come And See

Initially, Jesus extended a warm invitation to those who were spiritually curious and open to exploring the depths of faith. He welcomed them to “Come & See” and witness for themselves the transformative power of his teachings. This invitation was not just a mere suggestion but an invitation to encounter the living Word and experience firsthand the profound impact that Jesus’ presence and message could have on their lives. As these individuals accepted his invitation, they embarked on a journey of discovery, where Jesus revealed the truths of God’s kingdom and unveiled the depths of his love and mercy.

Commit To Follow Me

Once Jesus had captured the curiosity and interest of those who had come to “Come & See,” he didn’t leave them there. No, Jesus took it a step further by inviting them to make a life-altering decision. He urged them to “Commit to Follow Me” and become wholehearted disciples of His. This invitation wasn’t about casual observance but a call to leave behind their former ways of living and fully embrace a new life in Jesus. Jesus urged them to take that leap of faith, to let go of their own desires and ambitions, and submit themselves wholeheartedly to His lordship. This invitation was a radical departure from their comfort zones, but for those who were willing to answer, it meant embarking on a lifelong journey of transformation, growth, and becoming increasingly more like Jesus. It was an invitation to exchange their old lives for a new identity and purpose found in Him.

Be On Mission With Me

Once individuals decided to commit to following Jesus, the journey was far from over. Jesus had a greater purpose in mind for his disciples; he called them to be active participants in his mission. He didn’t want them to simply become passive followers, but rather, he invited them to “Be on Mission With Me.” This invitation was an exhortation to fully engage in the task of spreading the message of salvation and reconciling others to God.

Jesus saw the potential in his disciples and believed in their ability to make a difference. He knew that they had witnessed firsthand the transformative power of his teachings, and he entrusted them to share that same life-changing message with others. Jesus desired for his disciples to actively participate in the work of the kingdom, partnering with him in bringing hope, healing, and reconciliation to a broken world.

By inviting his disciples to be on mission with him, Jesus was empowering them to step into their roles as ambassadors of God’s love and grace. He wanted them to embrace their unique gifts, talents, and abilities in order to effectively reach those around them. Whether it was through sharing their personal testimonies, demonstrating acts of kindness and compassion, or boldly proclaiming the good news, Jesus wanted his disciples to actively participate in advancing the kingdom of God.

Bear Fruit Through Me

Finally, Jesus issued the invitation to “Bear Fruit Through Me,” challenging his followers to take up the responsibility of making disciples who would, in turn, continue to make other disciples. This invitation went beyond simply being on mission with Jesus; it challenged his followers to take on the responsibility of making disciples themselves. Jesus knew that the cycle of disciple-making was essential for the growth and multiplication of the Kingdom of God. Jesus entrusted them with the crucial task of impacting future generations, ensuring that the Good News of salvation would continue to spread far and wide. This invitation required his disciples to be intentional in investing in the lives of others, just as Jesus had personally invested in them. They were to share the truth, exemplify the love of Christ, and teach others how to follow Jesus with their whole hearts. This was not a task to be taken lightly; it demanded a commitment to continuously pour out their time, energy, and wisdom into the lives of those they were discipling.

Through these progressive invitations, Jesus established a model of discipleship that went beyond mere intellectual learning or occasional participation. It was a model that encouraged continuous growth, unwavering commitment, and multiplication – all aimed at fulfilling the Great Commission and advancing God’s kingdom on earth. This holistic approach to discipleship ensured that followers of Jesus would experience personal transformation and actively engage in the mission to make disciples of all nations, creating a ripple effect that would impact lives for generations to come.


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