Is Your Prayer Life A Roadmap or Relationship

When you pray, do you want a roadmap or relationship? One of the biggest problems with our prayer lives is that we want a ROADMAP, not a RELATIONSHIP. We want God to tell us what to do. We want Him to simply give us a “yes” or “no”. We come to God and ask Him for a roadmap for our lives and want Him to simply tell us His will.

But prayer is about a relationship. Prayer is about creating intimacy with God. So God responds to our request for a roadmap with “let’s spend time together”. God is calling us to get to know Him. His will is that we abide in Him! Here’s the remarkable thing: when we abide in Him & create intimacy with Him…God ends up revealing His will to us.

I have a simple suggestion for you if you truly desire intimacy with God through prayer. If you’ll do this, I guarantee that you’ll experience the difference that prayer can make in your life.

Begin today by seeking to get to know God through prayer. Don’t come to God with a list of things you want from Him. Instead come to Him to get to know Him and pray something like this…“Lord, I want to get to know you better. I want to know your love. I want a relationship with you.”

Share with God what’s on your mind & heart. Don’t hold back. Just share it. Trust me, He’s listening & wants to hear from you. Then, before you end your prayer time, pray something like this:“Lord, I want to please you. I want to do your will. Whatever it is you want, that’s what I want too. I want to fit into your plans. So, show how.”

That’s it.

It doesn’t have to be a long time, start with 5 to 10 minutes. Grab a devotional and your Bible. A great place to start is to use the Bible App and pick a reading plan. THEN SIMPLY SPEND TIME WITH GOD, GETTING TO KNOW HIM!

And here’s what will happen…the more you get to know God through building a relationship with Him, the more He will reveal the roadmap of where He wants to lead you!


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