Jesus’ Call And Our Response

As we continued our series on the Gospel of Mark, we came to the passage where Jesus called His first disciples. In Mark 1:14-20, Jesus invites Simon, Andrew, James, & John to follow Him. In Mark’s fast-paced style, this pivotal moment in the lives of four men has been stripped down to its simplest terms: Jesus called; they followed. … Continue reading Jesus’ Call And Our Response

Discipleship Requires A Cross

The only way to follow Jesus is to die to yourself everyday.I wish there was an easier way. Instead of giving up the life I have...wouldn't it be nice to simply add Jesus to my existing life? But Jesus doesn't give that as an option. Following Jesus requires a cross. Jesus says the only way to … Continue reading Discipleship Requires A Cross

Love…Upward, Inward, And Outward

Currently, I'm teaching a series at Freedom Bible Church called "Like Jesus". As followers of Jesus...our Biblical mandate is to imitate Him. We are called to walk like Jesus, think like Jesus, and act like Jesus. Thankfully the Gospels show us a pattern for how to do just that.  Jesus was NEVER less than God … Continue reading Love…Upward, Inward, And Outward