How To Move From Daydreamer To Goal Setter

Are you tired of setting goals for your church only to have them fall short of your dream? Are you having trouble making your ministry plans become a reality? The truth is we all have dreams of where we want to end up one day. We have dreams of what the churches and ministries we … Continue reading How To Move From Daydreamer To Goal Setter

Shortcuts Lead To A Long Road

Taking shortcuts in life comes with a price. Sure, cutting corners may bring about short term gain but they always result in long term pain. Hard work, sacrifice, and discipline all take time and effort to develop. There is no substitute for preparation and execution when it comes to accomplishing your goals and being successful. … Continue reading Shortcuts Lead To A Long Road

Forget the Resolutions (Repost)

I’ve never been one for making New Year’s Resolutions. It seems pointless to wait until January to choose a couple of things that you either want to start doing or stop doing to improve your life. Yet each January about 50% of the population make New Year’s resolutions and nearly 90% of those resolutions are … Continue reading Forget the Resolutions (Repost)