How do you measure success in ministry?

I have a confession to make...I like crowds. The bigger the better. I love the energy of a crowded room. There's nothing like looking across the sea of faces in the worship center at our church on Sunday morning when the room is jam-packed. I have a feeling I'm not the only leader that feels this … Continue reading How do you measure success in ministry?

The Magic Bullet For Developing Leaders

There are over 463 million results on google when you search “Leadership Development”. So why do so many churches struggle with a shortage of well equipped leaders? I believe we have a shortage of leaders because we are constantly searching for a magic bullet when it comes to developing leaders. There’s something in the wiring … Continue reading The Magic Bullet For Developing Leaders

What Every Parent Wants

Influence…every parent wants to have influence with their kids. But how? Think about someone who influenced you over the years. It may be someone you admired…someone you looked up to…someone you listened to. Now, with that person in mind, think about one quality that gave them influence in your life. Why did you listen to … Continue reading What Every Parent Wants

Leadership in 140 Characters

These are the 10 most popular posts from twitter this week. These posts deal with leading yourself: your thinking, attitude, and ability to listen as a leader. They also cover how you lead others: casting vision, influence, and team building. Let me know what you’re learning as a leader in the comments section below. Enjoy! … Continue reading Leadership in 140 Characters