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  • Mark Miller’s New Book: Chess Not Checkers

    I’m excited about the release of Mark Miller’s new book, “Chess Not Checkers”, this week. As the VP of Leadership Development for Chick-Fil-A, Mark knows what it means to be build a high performance organization. “Chess Not Checkers” is designed to help leaders elevate their […]

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  • Are Your Values Really Core?

    Regardless of whether or not they are printed, framed, and hung on an office wall…core values exist in every church and organization. Leadership teams spend meeting after meeting and off-site after off-site crafting their core values into pithy (and tweetable) phrases with […]

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  • 5 Types of Church Cultures

    I’ve been reading “Cracking Your Church’s Culture Code: 7 Keys to Unleashing Vision & Inspiration” by Samuel Chand. In his book, Dr. Chand lists five types of organizational cultures found in churches. Based on my experience over the years, I’ve seen these […]

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