Leadership in 140 Characters

Here are the most read post from twitter this week. Topics include everything from personal growth to leadership teams and from marriage to the power of focus. Enjoy! The Power of Focus Most People Miss by Carey Nieuwhof Organizations Wait Too Long to Develop Leaders by George Ambler Touch Calls: Who Attends The Leadership Meeting … Continue reading Leadership in 140 Characters

RE-Organizing the Family (Part 1)

Who's in charge of your family? Let's being answering that question by thinking back to your "BC" days. Life Before Children. If you're like me, you're probably having a hard time remembering your life before kids. Here are a few reminders of what it was like. You could eat whenever & wherever you wanted to eat. There … Continue reading RE-Organizing the Family (Part 1)

That’s quotable – What’s Important

I love this quote from Seth Godin. It's a great reminder of the things in our lives that are truly important. If you have to receive credit for it, it's time to reevaluate your priorities to determine if what your trying to accomplish is really important. You know something is important when you're willing to … Continue reading That’s quotable – What’s Important

Forget the Resolutions (Repost)

I’ve never been one for making New Year’s Resolutions. It seems pointless to wait until January to choose a couple of things that you either want to start doing or stop doing to improve your life. Yet each January about 50% of the population make New Year’s resolutions and nearly 90% of those resolutions are … Continue reading Forget the Resolutions (Repost)