Urgent vs Important

“The lion does not turn around when a small dog barks.”
~African Proverb

There is no cumulative value to the urgent things we allow to interfere with things that are important.
So often, I allow the urgent to get in the way of the important. As a pastor, there is always something “urgent” that is calling for my attention. So much so, that there are days that I get home and when my wife asks me what I did that day my only answer is, “I don’t know”. The problem is that there is little value in all the “I don’t know’s”. When I let the “urgent” overtake the “important”…I finish the day with nothing to show for it. When I neglect the “important”, I have regret.

In the critical arenas of life you cannot make up for lost time
You cannot make up for missed opportunities. When you miss what’s “important”, you cannot make it up tomorrow. Tomorrow will bring more “urgent” things to take the place of the “important”. When you neglect time with family or skip exercising or “forget” to pray…the opportunity is lost forever. It can’t be made up.

That is why it’s imperative to start each day fresh and with a renewed focus on what’s truly important.

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