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  • A Formula For Leading Change In The Church

    If you’re a leader in a local church, you know that change does not always come easy. Let’s face it, often times it is downright hard to bring about change in the church. Time and time again, change initiatives fail and the […]

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  • See Beyond Your Current Reality

    We’ve all experienced moments of overwhelming challenges. Perhaps you find yourself in such a situation right now, facing a personal crisis with an uncertain future. Often, whether in parenting, marriage, or ministry, we become so absorbed in our current reality that we […]

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  • Recruit Volunteers Like Apple Recruits Employees

    It is well worth your time to invest 4.5 minutes watching this inspiring recruitment video from Apple. Despite what you think about the company and it’s products, you have to agree that Apple does an amazing job at creating raving fans. Not […]

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