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  • Recruit Volunteers Like Apple Recruits Employees

    It is well worth your time to invest 4.5 minutes watching this inspiring recruitment video from Apple. Despite what you think about the company and it’s products, you have to agree that Apple does an amazing job at creating raving fans. Not […]

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  • Develop For Vision, Not For Need

    I find that a lot of ministry leaders don’t think about recruiting volunteers or developing leaders when they have all their positions filled. They think because they have enough leaders right now there’s no need to focus on developing new ones. The […]

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  • The Top 10 Leadership Commandments

    The Top 10 Leadership Commandments

    Moses is arguably one of the greatest leaders of all time. He was called to accomplish something bigger than himself. When he had to confront the most powerful king of his day, he stood his ground and would not let his mission […]

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