The #1 Thing We Do In Our Role As Parents

My three children are fascinated with animals. Recently we checked out a book about baby animals that was full of amazing facts about all kinds of creatures. One of the discoveries that I found most interesting had to do with baby ducks and how they imprint. We discover our #1 role as parents when we understand the principle of imprinting.

When baby ducks hatch, they imprint on the first living creature they see that is larger than itself. Whether it’s another duck, a dog, a cow, or a person, baby ducks thinks it is their mother and they believe that they are its baby. And you thought this kind of thing only happened in “Tom and Jerry” cartoons? But it is true, God created baby ducks to imprint on another creature so that it is always the first thing the duckling thinks about and the most important being in the duckling’s world. Ducklings look to them for protection, provision, and to teach them how to live.

Our Role As Parents

As I read this, I thought that this is the #1 thing we do as parents. We are called by God to help our children imprint on their Heavenly Father. In Deuteronomy 6:4-7, Moses tells us to impress, or imprint, our children with a love for God.

Love the Lord Your God.

As we lead our kids to imprint upon God, we are teaching them to love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. As children learn to love God they will have the basis to know who God is and what God is like.

God Takes First Place.

They will begin to see God as the most important being in the world and He will be the first thing they think about. When children imprint on God they begin to look to Him for protection, provision, and to teach them how to live.

I believe Moses clearly lays out a plan to imprint kids with a love for God in Deuteronomy 6. He tells us to “impress them upon our children.” The Hebrew word here is shanan, which means “to instill by persistent instruction.” The idea is that in everything we do, we guide our children to love God and put Him first through persistent reinforcement.

How do you use reinforcement to instill a love for God in your kids lives? Please leave your comments below.


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4 responses to “The #1 Thing We Do In Our Role As Parents”

  1. Brian Avatar

    Personally, I think the most important thing is to just live it. If your kids see that you read the Scriptures, you pray, you value your spiritual relationship, you serve at church and in other ministries, it will become natural for them to do so themselves. I know “actions speak louder than words” is not from the Scriptures, but it is a worthy saying all the same.

    1. eric echols Avatar
      eric echols

      Brian, totally agree! You can “preach” all you want, but unless you reinforce following Jesus in your own life your words will eventually fall on deaf ears. The proof of simply living out your faith is evident in the lives of your girls. You and Angie live it out and your girls are doing the same!

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