There is an "I" in team

Teamwork: There Is An “I” In Team

We’ve all heard the popular sports cliche, “There’s no “I” in team.” However, I want to challenge that notion. There is indeed an “I” in team. In fact, there are multiple “I’s” on every team. And understanding this holds the key to unlocking a team’s true potential.

Every successful team is composed of individuals, each bringing a unique set of strengths, talents, and abilities to the table. When a coach or leader can leverage each individual’s talents for the good of the team…great things can be accomplished, and everyone wins. Healthy teams consist of individuals working together towards a common goal.

The Power of Individuality in Teams

A team is an assembly of diverse individuals, each possessing their own distinct qualities that contribute to the team’s overall dynamic. Whether it’s coaching a football team or leading our church, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformational impact of recognizing and utilizing these individual strengths. This principle is not confined to the realm of sports or religious leadership; it’s a universal truth that resonates across various fields.

When I coached my son’s football team, I saw how a player’s unique athletic abilities, such as speed, agility, or tactical thinking, can be honed to fit seamlessly into the team’s strategy, resulting in a well-rounded and formidable unit on the field. Similarly, in my role as a pastor, I’ve come to understand that embracing the individual talents of our members enhances our ability to engage with diverse audiences and respond to the multifaceted needs of our community.

From creative problem-solving to strategic planning, each individual on the team brings a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to achieve a better outcome. Just as a puzzle piece contributes to the bigger picture, these individual qualities create a tapestry of skills that elevate the team’s performance. Through collaborative efforts, teams truly shine, proving that the sum of their parts is indeed greater than the whole. This synergy, born from acknowledging and leveraging individual strengths, fuels the engine of success in all aspects of team leadership.

One of the greatest joys of coaching and leadership is witnessing the synergy that emerges when individual strengths work together for the good of the team. When a coach or leader helps team members work together, amazing things can happen, and everyone shares in the victory. In healthy teams, everyone’s abilities grow significantly through mutual support and collaboration.

The Dangers of Discord

On the other hand, one bad apple on a top notch team can spoil the entire bunch. Just as a harmonious blend of talents can lead to success, the presence of a single disruptive element can undermine the entire team’s efforts. An analogy often applied in sports holds true – it’s challenging for a team to consistently perform above the level of its weakest link.

The analogy extends beyond the playing field and holds a mirror to various team scenarios, including the congregation I lead. In a church community, a member who consistently challenges the shared values or refuses to collaborate with others can erode the sense of unity and shared purpose that binds us together. This can create a ripple effect, leading to a breakdown in communication and a lack of trust among the team members.

A single member of the team, focused solely on their own agenda can sow discord and disrupt the team’s cohesion. The interconnectedness of a team relies on each member’s commitment to a collective vision. Unfortunately, when the collective goal is overshadowed by individual pursuits, the team’s effectiveness plummets. This serves as a potent reminder that unity is the cornerstone of effective teamwork, and individual pursuits that stray from the collective mission can have far-reaching consequences.

Embrace the “I” in Team

Embracing the “I” in team is not just a philosophy; it’s a powerful strategy that can propel a team to unmatched heights of achievement. Recognizing and celebrating the unique strengths, talents, and perspectives each individual brings to the table creates the opportunity to build a healthy and effective team. Tapping into each individual’s attributes doesn’t dilute the essence of teamwork; rather, it enriches it.

A team flourishes when every “I” in team is encouraged to shine brightly. When every “I” is acknowledged and integrated into the team’s vision, an environment of cooperation, innovation, and unity can flourish. The key lies in striking the balance between fostering individual growth and nurturing collective success. If you’re able to strike that balance it will ultimately lead to a team that’s not just cohesive, but truly exceptional.

Here are some of the benefits of embracing the “I” in team:

  1. Boosts Team Morale – When team members see their unique talents acknowledged and appreciated, they’re more likely to invest themselves fully in the team’s mission.
  2. Increases Engagement – Each individual takes pride in their role, resulting in elevated enthusiasm, heightened engagement, and a steadfast commitment to the team’s shared goals.
  3. Growth Through Collaboration – As a coach or leader, you have the privilege of fostering an environment where these diverse “I’s” can learn from each other, fostering growth that extends beyond the team’s immediate goals.
  4. Overcome Challenges – When one “I” encounters an obstacle, another can step in with their specialized skill set to help tackle it head-on.

In the world of teamwork, the letter “I” is far from insignificant. It’s about embracing the strengths, talents, and abilities of each individual on your team. So, whether you’re rallying a congregation, coaching a team, or leading from the frontlines, remember this: the combined magic of all those “I’s” is what propels a team to victory. Let’s celebrate the individual to supercharge the team – because when these “I’s” align, there’s no limit to what a team can achieve.

The bottom line is this: it takes all the “I’s” in team working together toward the same goal to make your team effective.


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  1. Lincoln Parks Avatar
    Lincoln Parks

    Eric, this is so awesome. I definitely need to share this with my team. I never looked at it that way and you shed another light on TEAM with Individuals. Thanks for sharing this with your readers.

    1. eric echols Avatar
      eric echols

      Thanks, Lincoln. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Dan Black on Leadership Avatar
    Dan Black on Leadership

    I totally agree, It’s important each team member is working in their areas of personal strengths.

  3. Anurag Avatar

    Hello, I think your site might be having boerswr compatibility issues.When I look at your blog in Firefox, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, ithas some overlapping. I just wanted to give youa quick heads up! Other then that, great blog!

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