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  1. Can churches grow insiders and reach outsiders?


    July 21, 2013 by eric echols

    I’m taking a little time off for the next couple of weeks, so I’m going to be posting some of …
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  2. 5 Prostitutes & An Invitation…Updated


    June 27, 2012 by eric echols

    This post is an update to a post I wrote yesterday about five women that were in such a desperate …
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  3. 5 Prostitutes & an Invitation


    June 25, 2012 by eric echols

    For the past couple of days I’ve been traveling around to different villages in Jinja, Uganda with a ministry called …
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  4. Healthy Churches


    January 8, 2012 by eric echols

    “So the churches were strengthened in the faith and grew daily in numbers.” Acts 16:5 Healthy churches balance: Discipleship & …
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