Make Disciples Who Make Other Disciples

Jesus didn't command us to "go and do discipleship" nor did He say "go and do evangelism". Jesus commanded us to go and "make disciples" and disciple-making is where the very heart of evangelism and discipleship meet.

Come And See

The mission Jesus gave His followers is summed up by the Great Commandment and the Great Commission: Love God, Love Others, Make Disciples. But the question I'm often asked is "how?". How do I engage with people far from God? How do invite people into spiritual conversations?

Can churches grow insiders and reach outsiders?

I’m taking a little time off for the next couple of weeks, so I’m going to be posting some of my more popular posts. Call it a “greatest hits”…not that I’m saying my writing is great, these simply have gotten the most hits. Thanks for reading my blog. Feel free to share these on Twitter, … Continue reading Can churches grow insiders and reach outsiders?

5 Prostitutes & An Invitation…Updated

This post is an update to a post I wrote yesterday about five women that were in such a desperate situation that they selling their bodies to provide food and shelter for their children. Through the power of an invitation, all 5 women surrendered their lives to Christ on Friday. They also came to church … Continue reading 5 Prostitutes & An Invitation…Updated

5 Prostitutes & an Invitation

For the past couple of days I’ve been traveling around to different villages in Jinja, Uganda with a ministry called “God is Grace”. God is Grace is a ministry of compassion where women are supported for one year while they learn a trade to provide sustainable income for their families. Most of the women we … Continue reading 5 Prostitutes & an Invitation